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January Kiosks Machines — NRF 2024 review and writeup.  The show was terrific. Check out our photo gallery. Next up is HIMSS.

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      Self-Service Kiosk Market Research 2023-v16 Jan2023

      Need Some Numbers?

      There are many reports with many numbers and most of them are from research data firms trying to make a buck.  We have seen good reports, bad reports, and even done our own reports. Here is what the Kiosk Industry Group will say.

      • Kiosk industry number — U.S market for self-service kiosks is valued at $10.4 billion in 2022. It is projected the self-service kiosks market in the U.S. will grow at a CAGR of 15% to reach $16 billion by 2025. [Kiosk Industry Group 2022]
        • Definitions. Here are some.
        • ATMs do not count (bitcoin kiosks do count)
        • Supermarket checkout platforms do not count
        • Conventional vending does not count
        • Market dollars for enclosures (kiosks) and software are two different numbers that must be combined.
        • Retrofits and replacements are a big deal these days
        • Ditto for shipping, service, warranty
        • Figure 3,000,00 “kiosks”  operational a year and/or delivered
        • Projections Caveat –  India datamarts put out a ton of reports on whatever is trending on Google and then sell them for $2500 to $5000.  There are also financial research firms that are primarily funded by large companies with vested interests.
        • What about data mart numbers for digital signage?  See below but they are up to 37 Billion.

      Restaurant Industry Statistics

      • $799 billion: Restaurant industry sales in 2021, down $65 billion from 2019’s pre-pandemic levels
      • 14.5 million: Restaurant industry employees at the end of 2021, down 1 million from pre-pandemic levels
      • 90,000: Restaurant locations temporarily or permanently closed because of the pandemic
      • 9 in 10 restaurants have fewer than 50 employees
      • 7 in 10 restaurants are single-unit operations
      • 8 in 10 restaurant owners started their industry careers in entry-level positions
      • 9 in 10 restaurant managers started in entry-level positions
      • Restaurants employ more minority managers than any other industry
      • 41% of restaurant firms are owned by minorities – compared to 30% of businesses in the overall private sector.
      • The waitstaff at full-service restaurants earns a median of $27.00 an hour, with the highest-paid group making $41.50 an hour and the lowest, $19.00 an hour.
      • Our data is from the National Restaurant Association 2023 along with Nations Restaurant News. They keep each other fairly honest.

      Our Predictions

      Bingo Card Predictions

      Click for full size Bingo Card Predictions


      • The workforce shortage will continue and that will drive self-service options for customers.
      • And even more so this year for employees and robotics are gaining traction.
      • Face-enabled contactless transactions will easily triple
      • The main media will always focus on high-value/high-click targets such as Walmart, Aldi, Krogers and Mcdonald’s
      • New technology will become more widely available-to and deployed in small and medium and medium business. Cloud services help aggregate those offerings and become a viable distribution channel.

      This post is continually updated..